Thursday, June 2, 2011

Announcing the arrival of Annika Buuck!

On Friday May 20th at 7:47 pm, Annika Poladian Buuck was born at 7 pounds 9 ounces.

In spite a somewhat long and challenging labor, we have been enjoying the first weeks as a new family, although sometimes it feels like a month has passed. She's adorable and has a sweet disposition. We look forward to time with you in person, but we wanted to share a few early photos now.

People told us newborns just "eat, sleep, poop, and cry." So far, she seems to excel at all of them. Fortunately, when we manage to fill her little belly, she "sleeps like a baby." Jeff suggested that we try adding chocolate syrup to her bottle, but of course the pediatrician says she is too young. Reluctantly, he agreed to wait a few weeks. Jeff said he didn't realize after having a baby that he'd have so many decisions, such as "with the few minutes of personal time do I brush my teeth or comb my hair?"

Here's a Breakdown of our Typical Day:

12-15 hrs Feeding baby... changing diaper... changing clothes... burping baby... washing

1-2 hrs Conducting SWOT analysis (Tamara and I are applying our work background) to plot strategic initiatives for infant training development program to make feeding a sleeping more efficient.

2-3 hrs Seeking professional help, as well as guidance from family & friends

2-3 hrs Eating (much thanks to Tamara's mom, Noralea and so many others, for feeding us wonderful meals, running errands, and helping us survive with immeasurable support!)

1 hrs Welcoming visitors and sharing experiences

1-2 hrs Personal time

0-1/2 hrs Personal Grooming

It may add up to more than 24 hours, but we're really too tired to care.

We really appreciate all the sentiments, prayers, thoughtful gestures, calls, emails, Facebook posts, text messages, Morning in America sessions, and love that help us see the sunshine through the fog!!

Love from All of us,

Jeff, Tamara, and Annika


  1. She's BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!!

  2. That little smiley picture is PRICELESS! Love her coloring and next to the pretty pinks she just glows! Nice genes! Love you all, Wen