Monday, June 13, 2011

Annika is enjoying having visitors & meeting everyone

It's been a wonderful to visit with friends and family and introduce Annika to our loved ones.  Here are a few pictures from our guests.

 Auntie Dolly says Annika has beautiful ears

 Cousin Donnell says she's the cutest

Aunt Jenn and Cousin Ava are reminded that Ava looked very similar

 Friends Wendy and Matt Brunner were able to visit from San Diego

 Lance, Kris and Avery Oschner came with Ryan Shively to visit & bring lunch

 Miss Melanie from bible study brought dinner

Noralea (Nana) Goodrow took care of all the shopping and chores the first two weeks

 Auntie Helen & Uncle Carl brought dinner and enjoyed holding & talking Annika

Peter, Jocelyn & Simeon White stopped in to bring dinner and find the humor in the first two weeks of no sleep

 Emily Keith left here three kids with Phil and drove out to bring us dinner

 Newly weds Clark and Tiffany Souers brought us dinner and a lot of laughter

Lindsay and Ivan Ignatzck from bible study visited and brought dinner

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